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Welcome to my site!

My name is Grace Louisa Plummer and I'm a cat, just so you know that right away. My mom, Karen, put together these web pages for me mostly because she has a lot of "kitty-friendly" friends who like reading about me and knowing how I'm doing.

Besides this home page, there's a page about my life (a little biographical information and a bunch of pictures) and a page of web links that Mom and I both like. I'm hoping that I can add some pictures of Mom's friends' kitties too -- I hear about them all the time and it would be nice to have some pictures of them to look at. Who knows what else will end up here? When I have another idea, I'll let Mom know.

Quick Facts about Me

Just looking around!
Most commonly known as:
Nicknames I'll answer to:
Gracie, Gracie Lou, Kitty Girl, Sweetie
Nicknames I completely ignore:
Fuzzy Butt, Scaredy Kitty
Favorite foods:
Dry food: Purina One Chicken and Rice formula and Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold with Chicken and Turkey
Moist food: Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys White Meat Chicken
Favorite treat:
Vanilla ice cream! Yummy! I only get a couple of licks every few months but I really love it!
Favorite toy:
Hmmm.... this one is hard! It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I just love my little burlap toy filled with catnip; other times I love my little gray mouse. I just love to play!
Greatest fear:
I hate loud noises like doorbells, trucks, vacuum cleaners, and thunder! Thunder storms really scare me. Mom has lots of stories about the weird things I do during storms. Maybe I can convince her to share them sometime <grin>!
Fun things:
Running up and down the stairs, looking out the windows, sitting in the sun, sitting on Mom's lap while she works on her laptop, playing with my toys.