My Friends


Jack looking cuteOne of the first friends I made was with this curious, funny puppy named Jack. He lives with my Aunt Karen and sometimes he thinks he's a cat too. Everyone loves him and I love to curl up on my mom's lap after she's been visiting with Jack and his family 'cause she smells just like Jack! I don't like it when she's around other dogs, but Jack's okay. I remember him and he liked to play with me and my siblings before I came to live with Mom. Mom tells me that Jack loves to cuddle with just about everyone so he's all over her when she's there.

Jack is the only dog I know very well. There have been dogs that lived in the apartment next door, but I didn't have much to do with them. One of them made a lot of noise all the time. The other is very quiet but I don't see her very often anymore. Maybe she moved. I think Mom and I both liked it better when the twin kitties, Heidi and Helga, lived next door. They were very pretty kitties and Helga was very nice too. She came in with Mom one day and visited for a little bit. Jack has been over to visit a couple of times lately, but I was too shy to come downstairs to visit with him.

Here's Jack just last week (Sept. 23, 2006)
after he got a nice haircut!
Jack in September 2006