About Me!

Photograph of Grace taken in October 2001I was born sometime around September 17th, 2001, under the front deck at my aunt Karen's house. My kitty mother's name is Betty and I just remember that she's very beautiful. My human mom (whose name is also Karen) says that Betty was a short-haired black cat with big amber eyes. My dad's name is Scooter. Mom really loved Scooter. She said he was a long-haired fuzzy barn cat who loved people. He would jump up into mom's lap and let her pet him for hours. I look more like my dad with my long-fur and my gray color (he was a combination of grays and browns), but I have my mom's eyes.

I went from living in Aunt Karen's garage to a two-story townhouse with my Mom in October. I really like living here. There are lots of places to explore and windows that I can look out of all day. When I was little, Mom had to help me jump up on the furniture coz my legs were just too short.

Photo of Grace taken in April 2002Most of 2002 was spent exploring my home, finding all the best places to sleep, trying out different kinds of food, and growing. Mom says I grew like a weed, whatever that means. She says weird things sometimes that I just don't get. I give her that look, you know, the "what the heck are you talking about, you crazy woman" look. It usually makes her giggle at me. Don't know why. Humans are very strange beings. Hmmm.... guess that's why she needs me around. I keep her sane!

Mom and I discovered that I have a somewhat delicate tummy in my early years. I can't eat a lot of moist food, partly because I eat way too fast and it comes right back up which makes Mom use really odd words as she cleans it up, and partly because I don't like the taste of much of it. I do like anything with chicken though and some of the tuna. Mom just has to dole it out in little doses so I don't make a pig of myself and eat too much too fast. We also figured out which kind of dry food I like the best. It's Purina One chicken and rice. It's yummy and I like that Mom leaves some out for me all day so I can snack whenever I want.

One day, Mom put an ice cube in my water dish. I wasn't sure what it was at first and just thought it was a floaty toy. I played with it for a while with my paws, then figured out that it I licked it, it was just like really, really cold water! Wow. How do humans come up with these things? It's just really cool! Now it's just a regular thing she does for me if I beg her enough while we're in the kitchen.

Pictures of Me 2003-Present

January 2003: To the right is one of Mom's experiments in photography. She tried to take a picture of the two of us -- neither of us look too good in this one, but hey, she tried! She does better just taking pictures of me all by myself. Mom likes to take pictures of me and sometimes I like to pose for her. Most times I don't like to pose so I move around or get my nose right up to the camera so she fusses at me. I like that! Photo of Grace taken in January 2003
Photo of Grace taken in May 2003
May 2003: This is my favorite sunny place to sleep. Mom opens the curtains up almost every morning so I can watch the birds and enjoy the sun.
Photo of Grace taken in August 2003
August 2003: Mom loves this picture. She calls it my vampire face picture. Don't know why... I was just yawning!
Photo of Grace taken in October 2003 October 2003: Just another shot of me resting. This time I'm in the living room. The carpet is very comfy.
Photo of Grace taken in August 2004
August 2004: Mom has her laptop downstairs most of the time and I love to play with all the wires and stuff attached to it!
Photo of Grace taken in August 2004
August 2004: The wires are good for scratching!
Photo of Grace taken in September 2004September 2004: Mom caught me playing with the handles to one of her millions of canvas book bags... I don't know where she gets all these things, but the handles are fun to play with sometimes. Photo of Grace taken in September 2004September 2004: More playing!
Photo of Grace taken in March 2005
March 2005: Have to keep my little paws clean!
Photo of Grace taken in April 2005
April 2005: Hey! Found another book bag to play with. Yippee!!
To the right: Mom caught me in the bathroom having a good think! I was meditating on that noisy thing in the ceiling that Mom calls an exhaust fan, but all I know is that it makes weird noises and I'd like to get up their and see how it works. I'm gonna figure it out someday!!!! Maybe if I could get Mom to bring in a ladder????? Photo of Grace taken in May 2005
Photo of Grace taken in May 2005
May 2005:
Above, another shot of me bathing.

To the right: Me in the upstairs hallway. Mom was trying to get a good picture of all of me. She likes this picture... I don't. It makes me look like I don't have any legs!
Photo of Grace taken in May 2005
Photo of Grace taken in April 2006
April 2006: A rare (good) close-up. Mom keeps trying to take close-up shots but the flash keeps making my eyes look weird. This one turned out pretty good.

April 2006: Mom caught me on my favorite sleepy place. The ottoman was actually used as a toy chest at her grandparents' house in Alabama (you can see a corner of it in the next picture). It's kind of ugly and she keeps threatening to re-cover it, but we both love it. The afghan on top was handmade by her grandmother (Maxie Morris). That makes it very special to her and I'm glad she shares it with me. I love the colors and it's nice and cozy and warm on those cold winter days. It feels pretty good on hot summer days too since sometimes Mom keeps the air conditioning a little too high for me.

May 2006: Mom moved all the furniture around in the living room so my sleepy place moved too. I like it here. It's away from the front door and isn't as drafty.

June 2006: Sometimes Mom and I play peek-a-boo on the stairway. Mom got a good picture of me peeking through the railings here.

August 2006: Mom got a shot of me relaxing in front of the TV. We're watching Mom's favorite show: Law and Order: Criminal Intent. She likes the guy on the show that plays the tall detective (I think his name is Vincent D'Onofrio). I like the music and when they run around or shout.